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Performs Revolver Live at the Octagon

A local Sheffield group approached me and asked me to
redesign their current artwork as an homage to the original
Beatles Revolver cover, but with reference to Sheffield.

Using my illustration skills, I hand drew sketches of both the
Beatles and the band to provide 2 versions of the poster, against a collage of Sheffield architecture

The Sheffield Beatles Project

Socia Sheffield


Print Design Artwork 

Jasmine approached me requiring a business card and brochure for her self-designed rebranding for her marketing consultancy. The purpose of this rebranding was to be more personal, and reflect her quirky personality.


I produced a few versions with some extra options which built on her rebranding and took it to the next level. She loved these options and decided to run with them and copy them across to her website and other platforms.

Social Media.png

Paul Mathews-Author

Royally Funny Series Book Cover

It was a pleasure to illustrate the royally book series written
by Paul Mathews.

I designed these with a cartoon style in line with it’s comedic genre. They are consistently branded amongst all three titles in the series.

Terry From Another Dimension

Book Cover

For Paul's 4th book, I was delighted to work on a new concept. The style needed to be fun but not too comic-book.

The cover should say science-fiction comedy with detail around the central figure.

Terry From Another Dimension_Final_RGB-01.jpg
Book Mockup.jpg

RD Shopfitting Ltd

RD Shopfitting_Quotation Folder.jpg

Stationary Artwork 

I have been working with RD Shopfitting for a number of years on various projects. For this client I created physical advertisement including a quotation folder, adverts, and an outdoor banner.


I also drew 7 illustrations of staff members to be printed and displayed on their office wall to boost morale and show an inclusive workplace with each member valued.

RD Illustrations_4.png
RD Illustrations_1.png
RD Illustrations_2.png
Phil Tyas Photography_Logo.jpg

Logo Design

The logo portrays a hint of a camera that is capturing the
initials 'PT.' I wanted the logo to be subtle but recognisable
to 'Phil Tyas Protography.' It's kept to a minimum which
makes it easy to reproduce.

The minimalist, clean, and modern design captures the
kind of professional required to appeal to Phil’s ideal client.
Phil Tyas is a very talented Photographer and you can find
all of his work on the link.

Phil Tyas Photography

Phil Tyas Business Card Mockup.png
phil tyas mug.png
Bean _ Wick_logo_Summer.png


Logo and label design for candle company Bean & Wick. Inspired by Route 66, the logo is based on an American motel sign with vibrant pastel colours.

Bean & Wick has different labels for each season to make their brand stick out across the whole year. These labels have been designed with the scents of the seasons in mind; autumn uses oranges and red to align with the spiced cinnamon scents so popular at that time of year. Having graphic design which is aligned to the scent gives the customer a full sensory experience of the brand.

Bean _ Wick_logo_Autumn Final.png
Bean _ Wick_logo_Winter.png

Bean & Wick

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